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A full list of all our Windows Cloud VPS plans powered by KVM, OpentStack.
All VPS plans are full SSD, run on Intel Xeon processors from state of the art data centers.


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Available locations: London, Amsterdam, Dallas, Fremont, Bucharest.

WH41 core4 GB30 GB2TB20.00€ORDER NOW
WH82 core8 GB60 GB3TB35.99€ORDER NOW
WH122 core12 GB90 GB4TB52.99€ORDER NOW
WH164 core16 GB120 GB6TB68.99€ORDER NOW
WH204 core20 GB150 GB8TB84.99€ORDER NOW
WH244 core24 GB180 GB8TB100.00€ORDER NOW

Scalability. Control. Performance

Using open source technology, like OpenStack and KVM, we offer VPS that is both powerful and easy to use. And, by building our servers with state-of-the-art components, we unlock truly breakthrough speed.

High Performance

VPS hosting powered by Intel Xeon processors with local full-SSD storage that provides minimum latency and high number of storage operations per second.

Enhanced Control Panel

Every VPS configuration includes our improved interface. It features everything found in our Shared solution, along with special tools for VPS management and? control.

SSD storage

Our virtual private servers are built from the ground using all SSD storage.
Enjoy increased power, flexibility, and control for your websites.

24/7 support

VPS systems are monitored non-stop, by colleagues from technical support that work in the 12/24, 12/48 system. This is always an available technician and, at the same time, our employees enjoy free days to rest.