Web Server Administration and maintenance
for websites and
virtual or dedicated servers

This service is provided by skilled system administrators
who are certified professionals that can take over the responsibility of managing, monitoring & securing your servers.

Choose price per period

  • One time Server Setup
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • Server Health Monitoring
  • Vulnerability monitoring/patches
  • Third Party Software Installation
  • Weekly Server Health Reports
  • Server Hardening
  • Server Monitoring
  • Backup Restoration Assistance
  • Periodic Security Updates
  • Periodic Performance Check
  • Initial Response Time Guaranteed
  • Ticket count
  • No. of Servers

SysAdmin Junior

75 €


800 €


  • 1 hour
  • up to 5
  • 2

More than Just Server Administration

We also provide web hosting with unlimited traffic, dedicated IPv6 address and non-stop technical support with generous and high-performance disk space at affordable prices.
Now available in: Bucharest, London, Amsterdam, Dallas and Fremont.

Cheap Dedicated Servers
Promised SLA in any month

We guarantees 99.99%+ availability of shared services, by ensuring full server, storage, and backup redundancy with automatic fail-over, will confidently guarantee our customers high availability of the services.

Cheap Dedicated Servers
Cheap Dedicated Servers
Relax. Maximum security through redundant data storage.

Enhance your account with security, DDoS & Firewall protection, Threat Management and more..


DDoS Mitigation

Traffic is continuously filtered through dedicate DDoS protection appliances, resulting in no delay in protection when an attack begins. DDoS attacks are typically detected and mitigated within 0 to 90 seconds.



Our dedicated firewall boosts your site’s security by providing a combined hardware and software firewall, that’s solely for your server (or partition of a shared server, if you use shared hosting or Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting).


Threat Management

Our appliances instantly defend your websites against attacks and malware by detecting and fixing vulnerabilities and threats before they cause problems to your business.

Cheap Dedicated Servers
Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificates helps reduce cost and complexity, and maintain business continuity with security solutions designed for midsize and large enterprises.

Cheap Dedicated Servers
Encrypted Communication

Without an SSL certificate, the information transmitted between the visitor’s computer and the visited site can be intercepted and even altered.

Provides Trust

An SSL certificate ensures the authenticity of the site and is a sign of professionalism. Your visitors appreciate the fact that you protect their personal data and reduce the risk of viruses in their computers.

Better Search Results

It’s official. As early as 2014. Google announced in a blog article that SSL certified sites appear more in the search results.

Cheap Dedicated Servers
Extreme Support.
If you need us, we are always here.

Sites hosted with us are monitored non-stop, and colleagues from technical support web hosting services work in the 12/24, 12/48 system.
This is always an available technician and, at the same time, our employees enjoy free days to rest.

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