Learn How To Setup TeeWorlds server

October 3, 2019

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TeeWorlds is a free and open-source online multiplayer shooter game. In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how to create a TeeWorlds server. These steps were written for Debian (Ubuntu), but will most likely work on other Linux distros too.

Setting up TeeWorlds

Download the TeeWorlds package to your server. You may check for newer releases on the official site.

If you are using x86_64:

  wget https://downloads.teeworlds.com/teeworlds-0.6.3-linux_x86_64.tar.gz

If you are using x86:

  wget https://downloads.teeworlds.com/teeworlds-0.6.2-linux_x86.tar.gz

Extract the server software.

 tar xfv <package-name>.tar.gz
 cd <extract folder>
 chmod +x teeworlds_srv

Create a configuration file for your TeeWorlds server.

 nano ./config.cfg

Here is a template that you can use:

 sv_name My TeeWorlds Server
 sv_port 8303
 sv_max_clients 16
 sv_map ctf2
 sv_rcon_password MyPass
 sv_scorelimit 500
 sv_timelimit 60
 sv_gametype ctf
 sv_motd MOTD here.

Next, install the screen utility. You must use screen to keep your TeeWorlds server running after disconnecting from your IT Web Services VPS.

 apt-get install screen

Finally, start your server.

 screen ./teeworlds_srv -f config.cfg


Now you have installed TeeWorlds on your VPS. You will be able to connect to it on port 8303 using the TeeWorlds game client. Enjoy!

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