RoIT Web Consult SRL as the sole proprietor of respects the private character of the information being transmitted by its visitors and customers through this website according to the “Privacy Policy” detailed below.

1. Definitions

1.1 Private data – any data that can be used to identify an individual; an identifiable individual is a person wh can be identified by unique characteristics that are specific to his or her traits.

1.2 Private data processing – any operation that involves the use of private data.

1.3 Private data storage – any means of storing private data.

1.4 Private data management system – any organized data structure that keeps track of private data.

1.5 Operator – any person or organization that can legally set the scope for private data processing.

1.6 Third party – any person or organization that are allowed to process private data.

1.7 Addressee – any person or organization to whom private data is revealed for processing purposes, whether a third party or not.

1.8 Anonymous data – data which, due to specific processing, cannot be associated with an individual.

1.9 “Business contact” data – data that includes the name, job title, address, phone number or e-mail address of an employee of an organization or an individual. Business contact data type does not fall into the private data category.

1.10 Statistical data – data that has been obtained after processing private data, that cannot be used to identify an individual and which are being used for statistical or marketing purposes.

2. Private Data Collection

2.1 IT Web Services may collect private data from its visitors and customers, should they choose to reveal it.

2.2 The order form available through our website requires business contact data to be entered when ordering.

2.3 The scopes for which business data will be used are detailed as follow:

2.3.1 To make sure that our content and services are relevant for our customers.

2.3.2 To deliver newsletters or promotional content regarding the products that our customers and visitors have been exposed to.

2.3.3 To be able to publish new relevant content for our visitors and customers.

2.3.4 To be able to ensure secure access to limited access areas of our website.

2.4 IT Web Services collects and processes statistical data about your website visits using different cookie technologies that will temporarly store private data for the following scopes:

2.4.1 To improve your security.

2.4.2 So that we are able to provide you with an optimal website visit experience.

2.5 This website uses forms by which you can contact us by e-mail. Your e-mail address will be used to reply back and we will store this data in case you wish to contact us again. This data falls under the business contact data category. IT Web Services will be able to share this data with third parties for processing purposes by having your implicit approval.

2.6 IT Web Services can reveal private data to third parties if this is required by law or when one of the following situation arises:
(a) it is requested by a state authority;
(b) to protect IT Web Services’ rights;
(c) to protect the safety of our employees, customers, business partners, suppliers, public figures or individuals;
(d) to protect copyright.

2.7 IT Web Services will limit the amount of private data revealed to addressees to the data strictly necessary for the scope to which private data has been revealed.

2.8 IT Web Services will not sell nor rent private data.

3. Statistical Data

3.1 IT Web Services may use statistical data or anonymous data for the following scopes:

3.1.1 Analysis and report generation.

3.1.2 Improving its services.

3.1.3 Marketing its services.

4. Private Data Security

4.1 Private data can only be collected using an encrypted SSL session, by using an SSL certificate.

4.2 IT Web Services makes all possible efforts to ensure that the servers on which private data collection are as secure as possible, we also analyze and implement the latest security technologies to protect our customers’ private data.

5. Constraint

5.1 The visitors and customers of IT Web Services must be in permanent agreement to the Privacy Policy in order to use our public or private services. For any questions regarding our Privacy Policy please contact us.

6. Legislation

6.1 This Privacy Policy complies with Romanian and EU regulations.