1. Payment Gateways

1.1 Laguna Hosting accepts payments through the following payment gateways (methods): bank wire transfer (Romanian only), Paypal, BitCoin.

1.2 Using a credit card to place an order implies authorizing Laguna Hosting to bill the credit card for recurring billing period until the service is cancelled or expires.

1.3 Using a Paypal account to place an order implies authorizing Laguna Hosting to bill the account using the respective recurring or non-recurring billing period.

1.4 Using wire transfer implies authorizing Laguna Hosting to bill the customer account using the wire transfer method.

1.5 The customer can change the payment gateway at any point in time. The customer must take into account that because a payment is considered to be made when it has been confirmed by the payment gateway this can influence the suspension or termination of services.

2. Billing

2.1 All invoices are created at the time of the online order or with a minimum of 10 days before the current service period exires for recurring payments.

2.2 All invoices contain both RON and EUR currencies according to current legislation. The customer can pay the standing invoices in EUR or RON at BNR+2% exchange rate from the day the invoice was generated.

2.3 All invoices for Romanian individuals or organizations have VAT applied.

2.4 EU invoices intro-comunity do not have VAT applied if there is a valid VIES code applied to the invoice, otherwise EU individuals or organizations that have not registered on VIES must pay VAT according to EU regulations.

2.5 VAT does not apply for all non-EU invoices.

3. Payment Delays / Non-Payment

3.1 In case of payments that are not made before the due date, for any reason, all affected services of the customer are suspended for a 7 day period.

3.2 All overdue invoices that are overdue for more than 7 days are still unpaid will lead to service and service backup termination. The customer understand and agrees that Laguna Hosting cannot be held responsible in this situation for the customer’s data loss. The customer will not hold Laguna Hosting accountable for any financial loss due to the services being terminated due to non-payment.

3.3 In case that the unsuspending of suspended services requires extra-expenses on behalf on Laguna Hosting, the extra-expenses involved will be billed to the customer. Failure to pay any unsuspension expenses will lead to the services remaining suspended until all invoices have been paid for.

3.3 In case of late payments, Laguna Hosting will automatically add a 10% late fee to the current overdue invoice on the second day after the invoice was due. In case the payment confirms during the same day the late fee was added, the late fee can manually be removed from the invoice on request. In any other circumstances all late fees must be paid for the invoice to be marked as paid.

4. Payment Cancellation

4.1 The customer will notify Laguna Hosting in case of service cancellation 15 days before the next invoice is due. Failure to do so will require the next invoice to be paid in order to be able to cancel the service.

4.2 Only e-mail notifications sent from the customer’s account e-mail and support tickets cancellation notifications will be taken into account.

5. Minimum Contract Period

5.1 All collocation and dedicated servers have a minimum contract period of six (6) months. The minimum contract period starts on the date the first invoice has been marked as paid.

5.2 For all other services the minimum contract period is one (1) month.

5.3 Forced contract termination before due date requires the payment for 100% of the remaining period until the minimum contract period expires to be paid for by the customer in 45 days’ time from contract termination or in 45 days time from service termination, depending on the case.

6. Refunds

6.1 Laguna Hosting offers 7 days, no questions asked, money back guarantee for all hosting and VPS accounts. Setup fees and software licenses are not included. There are no refunds in case of customer ToS or AUP violations.

6.2 All payments for domain names, dedicated servers, collocation services and/or software are non-refundable.

6.3 There are no refunds after the 7 days have passed from service setup.

6.4 All refunds are manually processed and must be requested through the support ticket system.

6.5 All accepted refunds will be honored in 30 days from the refund request.

7. Anti-Fraud Verification

7.1 From time to time, or if the situation requires it, Laguna Hosting will suspend the customer account should we believe that that fraud might be involved in any of the payments made by the customer. The customer must comply with Laguna Hosting anti-fraud requests to be able to unsuspend his services. The suspended services will only be unsuspended after the anti-fraud verification has been completed and no fraud activities have been discovered.

7.2 The customer’s refusal to supply Laguna Hosting with any anti-fraud requested information will lead to immediate termination of the customer’s services without any refund.