The legal terms which are applicable to all our services are details by the following on-line documents which replace any written contract if none has been signed. These terms come into effect the moment the first order is placed and are valid throughout the lifetime of all our products and services until all payments from our customers have been made.

To see the details of any of the documents click on it’s name.

1. Terms of Service (ToS)

This document details the general terms and conditions that apply to all “IT Web Services” services.

2. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

This document details the legal and socially responsible way to use our services.

3. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We strive to offer 100% uptime for all our customers. Should we fail to meet our own and our customers expectations, we take full responsibility for unplanned events. This is the quality assurance document that applies to our services in favor of our customers.

4. Privacy Policy

IT Web Services respects every individual’s right to privacy according to Romanian and international regulations.

5. .RO Domain Registration Regulations (ROTLD)

This document details the terms and conditions applied when registering a .RO domain name. They are available and applied only as specified in Romanian language form.

6. Payment Policy

This document details the information regarding payments, payment gateways, payment terms and claims.

7. Legal Information

This document details what you must do in case you wish to report an abuse.